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This is our offically date Dec 2nd 2006!!!!!

OMG!! Well, when I join here, I am not seeking any relationship. just friends and making networking.. Lisa, my other half.. She saw my profile and we only live about 20 min from each other. She moved here from NY and want to keep up with her sign language, she send me fist msg want to hang out, so I can keep her company with sign language so she won't lose some. After a year we haven't met because our schedules always conflicting, we both have children. one day she need a painter, which I own a painting business. That how I went to meet her for painting job. For a very time we met in person, we felt each other a "click" there was something in the air, but very next 2 days we met again for drink, ending up talking all night. we found each other a lot in common in our divorce marriage. Our offically date on Dec. 2nd 06' (wow pass one yr!!) we have been growing so much for love. Our kids loves us to be together. Our karma finally came back to us after our bad years. Now we are planning on wedding!! YAYY!! Date to be announced!