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  • View author's info Posted on Jun 27, 2008 at 11:48 AM

    Don't under any curcumstance ever date
    ?----- This guy

    Trust me I happen to know he is terrible. He may also smell bad at times. Skip out on the check. Show up late. Forget your birthday. Forget every holiday till 5 minutes before while running to the neaghbors house so as to rip their flowers out of the ground, wrap the base of the stems with a mcdonalds bag from the passenger seat of his car. Them present them to you as if he remembered the whole time.

    Oh yes and worst of all. He leaves the toilet seat up and his socks can frequently be found laying around the house.

    You have been warned.

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    Lol, that's funny. Most guys are like that sometimes.

    Mine was the worst!
    1. Not able to spend holidays with a guy.
    2. Not able to relocate where he or I said are willing to relocate after met when mentioned in deafs.com.
    3. Not able to travel when he said that he is looking for someone to travel with in Deafs.com! Duh! Why said it in Deafs.com in the first place?
    4. After met each other, he asked me to wait for him when he finished with college, travel and help out with his family's business after 3 to 5 years? Wha? Huh? We just met, and he asked me to wait for him, does this make any sense?
    5. I am straight, and this guy wanted me to be "Bi", wha? Wha? Huh? Read the facts straighten out first!
    6. Went out for a date, then ready to pay the bill in front of cashier, he took off to bathroom while I pay the bill. He said he will pay me back, I see no money in return.
    7. Transportations- argh. Make sure this guy's car runs good so he can make his own transportation to see a woman, not his ex-wife car, or best buddy's to drive more than 100 miles round trip! Wow!
    8. Make sure that guy has enough money to provide food, not packaged food, and have woman buys real food. (Budgets differences).
    9. Sigh. Make love while watching tv is a major turn off, lol, omg! (How romantic is that!)

    Just be sure you date the "right" one, and don't speed up the dating proccess, just to know this guy first before getting into relationship!

    All above, was the biggest lies or turned off. He still has my things, and ignore my request to have my things returned. Wow!

    Oh by the way, when a guy goes to hospital, allow a woman comes to visit this guy too, not just friends and family only. Geez!

    Wow! I've learned my biggest flaw of all! This was the worst experience I ever have! Good luck, girls.
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    LoL, well i thought it was funny :-(