Why not hearing male date with deaf female? Romance

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    Hello everyone!

    My name is Lisa so I can't stop thinking about why hearing people perfer date with same hearing either deaf people perfer date with deaf? Truth, I admitted that I can noticed deaf guys are so blind that I am so beautiful however hearing guys can noticed me. What a different!

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    It's easier for Deaf men to date with hearing women because most hearing women are taking ASL and ITP classes.  It's harder for Deaf women to find a hearing man who knows ASL.  Trust me, there's only 2% hearing straight male taking ASL classes per year.  But, I just learned that football players from Western Oregan University is taking ASL this semester.  I hope there will be more and more "straight" male taking ASL classes.  So that Deaf women can date them.
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    I am hearing, but I am also CODA. I have dated both hearing and deaf. There is no difference to me. It should only matter what you feel in your heart that counts.
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    I'd date a female if shes deaf or she can hear. I would date a female if she had one leg. The only thing that matters to me is that she has heart and respects herself. Not to be vein there is one thing exterior wise i do look at on a woman and its her eyes. Lisa if you were closer I would definitly take you out. I like your style and you sound like a sweetheart. Also i'am not deaf or hard of hearing. Mabey you just gotta change scenery and look in other places.

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    deaf girls are just as normal to me as anyone,deaf doesnt equate mutant,I am a little intimadated because I don't know how to sign.I would date a deaf girl just the same as one with full hearing,there,thats my two cents worth lol
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    Well i hop ethat i can have a deaf lady i have always wanted to have one casue they are more loving and caring and they will never let you go i am lookin for that love for life

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    this so true when u cant find a person that will just go to see
  • View author's info Posted on Nov 13, 2009 at 12:25 AM

    Wow, Im actually trying to meet a deaf women. I want someone that I can communicate with in a dif way, it just seems special. I think it would bring two people closer.
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    well to be honest im not deaf and i am attracted to deaf girls i feel they express them selves more