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    I would love to have other people who are deaf or have a hearing loss join me at church.  Sometimes I feel like I am the only one there who has a hearing loss.  It would be wonderful to have someone else in the room who signs.  (Yes, I am fluent in English, but now and then I just want to talk in Sign.)
    Our music has the words projected on a screen at the front of the sanctuary, so everyone can follow as they wish.  At the moment, the sermon, or message, is not interpreted, as everyone who usually attends the service knows English, so they do not see a need.  (Personally, I would love to see enough signers at a service to have an interpreter there, too.)  There are copies of the sermon typed out and available, so if you can not hear the pastor, you do not have to miss what he is saying.
    We are a small, friendly church.  Come, join us for worship and fellowship.  I would love to introduce you and I am sure you will find friends there.  Perhaps if enough of us go regularly, we can create a deaf ministry - how cool would that be?
    If you are interested in coming for a visit, or are looking for a church, or just some new friends, please comment on this thread (I don't have PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP, so an email won't work).  I'll be happy to share details on service times and directions.

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    The invitation still stands....
    I am happy to say that last week, we had two visitors who signed, and a gentleman who had lost his hearing, but has not yet learned sign.  You would not be the only one in the room.  Come for a visit, you might just like us enough to stay.

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