why are they scared Relationship

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    I am a happy deaf woman, I attract men but when they find out Im deaf they dont want to know, I lip read and speak quite well but they are still put off by my deafness.I never meet deaf men in my area. I wear 2 aids and have a bit of sound but will be totally deaf in 18 months. Am I to be lonely for the rest of my life? Im deaf not daft.
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    It scared me when a guy asked me to move reclocate and married him. Of course, I was kind of awkward. Naturually, it turn me off. :(

    I have been widowed since four years now, wrote down everything in my FB.

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    They think we are creepy and boogey.  They're afraid we will bite them. Ha, ha.  They are either ignorant or not interested.  Let them go.  It's their lost. They'll learn. 

    I have very similar experiences. Nothing much can do.


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    I'm looking for the same thing, but I live in such a small town,that finding deaf places is null. Most people haven't even heard of Monmouth, Oregon. So I'm faced with many challeges.
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    I have to disagree with writeman about woman do Not want to date hearing impaired men. I have been rather successful dating hearing woman but I'm dying to date a hearing impaired woman. My guess is you need to have the right personality and be a gentleman with woman and they wouldn't care if you are deaf or hard of hearing. My problem is I'm not finding the right woman that fits my personality.
    I also have to agree with MikeHull, I don't think you are finding the right men. If you are Hot looking and you are probably attracting the wrong crowd. They probably are trying to look for the Perfect woman or just trying to satisfy their pants and move on the next woman.
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    From my life experiences, I've discovered that hearing men are happy to date deaf women but hearing woman DO NOT want to date deaf men at all!! I only have a 70% hearing loss, can hear & speak well & wears a hearing aid to lead a normal life. It's still not enough for these women & the reason why I'm still single.
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    same here i have been divorce for 10 yrs I would like to met but same way when they find out about my hearing they run a mile if you can ASL join the deaf commnuity it will open up your world take care
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    look for Deaf events and arganizations near you. It suprizing how much there is for deaf people.

    It takes time to find a man that is honest and cares for a female because of similar interest and back ground. hang in there and pray also.
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    Hi Sparky, your deafness profile is similar to mine. I would suggest that you join hard of hearing clubs. I am sure that suitable males would be involved in these clubs. Also it would be advantageous to you to join your local deaf club (sign lanugage) Most hearing men would be scared as they are venturing into a new scene - dating a deaf lady. You would need to calm those men down and show them that they have nothing to be scared of. I realise it is difficult for you. Just be determined. Regards Theodela

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  • View author's info Posted on Mar 13, 2006 at 10:25 AM

    hi not all men are like that some of us have gown up having deaf friends i think the men you meet must have a big problem with them selfs and you are a much beter person then them so chin up it the same for all of us wether we are deaf or not to find someone you are happy to be with
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    That's undrestandable