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    Hello I am still single. i realize that waste to find right guy.. I need to find right guy. I want to be happy with right guy even i will marry ...
    ladies, do you feel lonely while you are seeking right guy ?
    wow it is hard to find right guy what i trust... God wants me to find right guy who trusts in God.... smile
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    So true it is hard to find Mr Right Ihad been single for over 10 yrs and never find the right man who I can trust faith and honest .. be patience u will find the right one in sommeday
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    hello loney .how r u ? i am good! i saw u here ,realized notice remmy you long time ago thur my ex gf marlo lol
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    yeah you bet it hard to find the mr right guy not be easy in internt no, you know not easy but once you found right in near you or meet in deaf explor or anything that you can meet only way you can get to get along you know the internt is scammer some time i have sick of those games in internt really dont like it at all i have been hurt for one year and half one guy name is john cole as andrew001 he is one that hurt me so umm let you know that wink! so i am try to finger out how i am going to do i wish there is a way that i can go meet but i could not go meet umm will have to meet hearing there is no deaf in my town in yankton,south dak here so umm kind of sad i can afford to move reson why i am take care of my kids and drive to see my two boys in tyndall every weekend so i am speeding thme over there support them so umm not easy once you get meet i am sad and alone for three year it hurt me i need love and understnad and respect me and help each other umm i like have cuddlie umm hold each ohter umm have to stick what happend no matter if you get mistake in life do agian get better way dont get in wrong way so think before you do it okay !

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    Yes, It is very diffility find Mrs. right lady for me either.. so you want find Mr. right man.

    There is no perfect answer this hardest question to be accomlishment.

    Old Indian sayings: " The feather went to thunderstorm which Great One will tell you where you will fellow the wind"

    It means , You had go to wildress (Thunderstorm) be alone , speaking with God (Great One) . He will give you the guides ( wind )

    It is not means I am Indians but , I am christian in not practical. Just basic faith.