Just seeking out these lesbians, men need not apply. Relationship

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    Aww Crap- Majority of my information was deleted so I have to type again- shorter this time but Don't hesistate to contact me!

    Hey there, My name is Amber, I LOVE pickles but oddly hate Cucumbers! I live in Alberta, Canada and I am seeking for Friends, pen pals, and/or relationship from lesbians within Canada or America. The reason why I mentioned America is the fact I am going to Gallaudet University in the year of 2011 and I would be there for 9 years. Who knows I'd end up staying in America in the end! 

    I just graduated from a BA degree in Child and youth Care at a hearing University and I am heading to Gallaudet University in the year of 2011 to go into another BA degree in Psychology. My goal is to go all the way to get my PhD in Clinical Psychology at Gallaudet University with play and art therapy alongside with it.
    My passion is to help people, especially those youth that grew up in the system (no families) and move around in Group homes, foster homes and such because I believe these child and youth deserve someone to be there for them. 
    I am the kind of person that would rather go to a SPCA to get worse case (abuse, abandonment etc) dog instead of getting a puppy because I believe they deserve a better life. You could say I'm kind, caring, loving, empathic and genuine. I'm really down to earth and open minded to so many backgrounds and I came from a rough relationship and really hope to find a best friend I can go to whether it's simply friends or for a long-term relationship. 
    I LOVE to travel, and I only flew out of north america once recently and I really, truly loved it. I hope to do it again soon.


    I'm the kind of Gal who would rather watch psychological thriller over a sappy romantic and dumb comedy movies. My body is on a sorta plus side and I'm working on losing some weigh- I've lost 50 lbs since and working on losing more. My best features would be my eyes and my smile- people always said they adored my smile as it always brighten their days. I blush every time someone says it knowing that they might be right. I'm the kind of person who loves to listen to someone's hopes, Dreams and passions. I want to live life to the fullest and hope you would embrace life the way I have too. I want to experience so many things and I hope you'd be the person I can experience with. 

    I was born Deaf due to hereditary and decided I wanted to experience getting a cochlear implant which I did. In the year of 2005 when I was 19- I am still trying to decide if it was the best choice. I miss my hearing aids I know that as a fact. I don't use my CI as much as I should. Although I use it to listen to music, and movies. My favorite music is anything with some good darn beats and my long time favorite song is 'just like a pill' by pink. I grew up playing in Band- ironic I know. I played piano, clarinet and percussion yet my favorite of all is the piano. I hope one day I can learn how to play the violin and french horn for the fun of it. 


    If you want to know more, don't hesitate to contact me, and so you know- Guys need not apply. I know there are amazing guys out there but it is not what I'm looking for. I'm a lesbian and proud of it. I was raised as a christian and I do believe in God. I believe in the newer testaments where it preaches of Love not hatred. I'm fully out, even though people say they would never have known I was a lesbian. 

    I look forward hearing from you. :) 


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    You sound like a great gal.. and going to a really good college. I went to NTID which is similar to galladuet but more tech than galladuet. I would love to meet you but youre probably much too young for me. Im sure you will met a great gal at college and I must advice you that becareful when you are attending college alot of crazy stuff happens that you dont see in movies or tv shows about college.... Good luck and take care....
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    I want to meet you because I like your attitude that has highly stronged mind and attraction