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    I have notice high percent they put Language: English. Obviously, they do not know sign language. I asked them if they do have video phone, they never heard of it. That mean, they never know what is the Deaf Community has accessiable communication each other via vp.

    I meet two guys on the line, they do not have vp. I know, they are not Deaf people and also did not answer my question if they do have vp. They said, oh well their technology need to be upgrade. Ugh!

    Then, I put block on them due to turn me off. They put Language: English. Why cant they put sign language instead of English?

    They were not honsetly their status in this site. It disappoints in me!

    I was such flabbergasted, one guy desires to marry me. I said, whoa wait a minute- he has not even meet me in the person. I asked him, if he had an opporunity to meet several other Deaf ladies to see if one of them will fit him. He said no, I am the first person that he spoke with. His daughter desires to have a step- Mom. Hello, I am a mother of two sons. I would NEVER desire to marry again.

    I come to this site to make new friends, just let the flow to see things will work out between him and me. Why discuss about marriage, relocate and become step Mom. Oh gosh, that is really TURN me off....

    They even never know what is the video phone and sign language??
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    you can call me
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    Hi Mistyrose2 - this is a classic Nigeria scam - which means any man asks you to send him money for "emergencies" and then did not repay you. Stay away from this man and report your concerns to Deafs.com customer service asap.
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    Yes many men want only money thats all!! theres only a few good men but they must be hiding... I am divorcing a hearing guy because all he does is lie and cheat. Im a good woman and would not lie or cheat on any man even if I want to but no I wont do that. I just dong understand what is up with these men on the internet???? guess they think women are fools ?
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    i know where u coming from, Pumpkin!! i had one guy promising me the world,

    like love, even MARRIAGE! right from the start! calling me his wife and all, pretty

    weird cuz we have NEVER MET!! but, i just went along with the stupid game of

    his just to see what he really , really wants LOL!  well, i was right!! in the end, he

    wanted me to send him MONEY!! cuz his son was in car accident..(baaalooonney)

    what a crock story! cuz i said "dont you have health insurance?" he said "aaah, well

    no, cuz i let it lapse so i dont have it anymore"  what a crock! I told him i could not

    help him..so of course, he got mad at me and shut me off!! SO GIRLS..BEWARE!! OF THE


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    Cool of you!. I am from Sweden. you are straight on the matter which is excellent as a woman should be in Sweden. Good to have the head of the broom (Swedish expression) to ponder where you stand on. . I strongly believe in balance between everyone's sex in Sweden. Did you know that the first president of the local deaf club in the 1800s was women only! few were men. Why yes, women have time to socialize while mannan works more like 12-16 hours a day at this time.
    Most importantly, we can acknowledge their lives. when you live out.
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