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    Okay, I need some help here. Everytime, I would freak out when I sign the wrong way even my brain use the correct words. It's like when you think of something but write down on the paper differently and you have to erase 'em and then correct 'em. Does it happen to you sometimes? And how do you control your hands? They would giggle when I accidentally sign the word when it wasn't suppose to be there. I need to practice more signing? I'm SEE but ASL is kinda hard for me. I don't want to freak myself out and blush often.
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    Just don't freak out! Just be yourself. Accident happens like that all the time. Just breath and relax, then you do just fine by now, lol. Take it easy. Have anice day.
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    Kewl! Okay, thanks. I will try my best practicing. Take care. I gotta hit the road now to college. See ya later.