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    Modern Deaf Communication, Inc. provides free job-placement services to unemployed-underemployed deaf job-seekers with English skills. See our website, danbury. org/moderndeafcommunication Read "The Story of Carrie," about an unemployed deaf lady down in Alabama who I helped find superior employment, but has been unemployed for years even though she is a college graduate who made Dean's List and graduated Cum Laude. She couldn't find sensible work because she wasn't able to use here English skills face-to-face with hearing co-workers. I gave her communication equipment which enabled her to do this, and she got interview after interview and was offered a terrific job in the local library greeting patrons in English byusing the equipment. She accepted the job, but extraordinary circumstances prevented her from taking the job. As I've helped her, I can help other unemployed deaf people. I provide free communication equipment. I urge your unemployed membership to contact me. There's no charge, no fee, for my services. Again, all equipment we provide is free including computers. To qualify for our job placement assistance, the deaf job-seeker must have usable English skills. Morton Warnow, Pres. Modern Deaf Communication, Inc.
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    Currently I am working full-time at a large organization based in Troy, MI.  It was through the network which landed me this job.  I am deaf, and I worked my way through college with some help from state aid and scholoarships and while at the same time I was raising a family.  I too was on Dean's List and gradudated cum laude.

    I'm in a senior specialist position and I'm looking to move up to a mangerial position but I have some communication issues with hearing co-workers in my department and other departments.  So, I'm curious as to how you might be able to help one like me in the workplace?

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    Hi I am wondering more about this site and , to tell you the truth I dont' have high school diploma would that be a problem??? I've been homemom too long .By the way I am not PREMIUM MEMBER either cant' afford too much of anything anyhow.