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    My husband is Deaf and he installs vp's through Sorenson it is absolutley FREE! With this device you can sign over your TV it allows you keep in touch with Family, and Friends all over the united states FREE! You must be Deaf/HOH or have a family member who is hearing impaired living in the home to recieve this device. The reason this is free is because the Deaf world is in competion with the hearing world, and sorenson is trying to make it easier for Deaf/HOH people to progress with there communications. If you are interested there will be a waiting list. However I assure you my husband will get your device to you as soon as he can! He will look forward to hearing from you! :)
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    I have already sign up few weeks ago from their website , a friend from PA and Mo. was telling me about it and I never knew . Now I am waiting to hear from them and have no idea if they ever sent email nor have I recieve any letter from them . So I'm not sure what is going on but I think I will sent them an email and ask them . I cant' email anyone from this site I'm not PREMIUM MEMBER and don't plan to pay too much for this member I'm cheap lol...and single mom anyhow. I know how to hook up anything . But anyway thought I drop a note to keep your message busy lol. Nice knowing yoru profile without photo.