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    Hello all, i'm a newbie and juz signed up today! It was really cool to have found this site. I didn't even know until i googled deaf filmmaking and this site was bookmarked on it. I'm glad there's such one like this site. :)

    Umm, i would like to ask from any of you to give mi advice on which uni overseas i can decide to study. I have a diplmoa in IT but i'd like to study a different course in overseas uni. Rite now, I have been trying to enrolling a aussie uni here but i found out yesterday it's going to close down. So now i'm not sure where to go from now on.

    I want to go overseas for further studies but i am not even sure wat course i can take. Pls do give me advice cause i'm really confused and dun know wat to do!

    Oh, i forgot to intro myself! I'm profoundly deaf. Means I cannot hear completely but can still hear certain sounds thru my hearing aids. I'll juz intro myself as deafie, from singapore, looking for penpals and perhaps a r/s. I've been without a bf since sec days so i'm getting a little lonely. :D
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    hello who this

    how are you.
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    hey darl,

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    Hi kate2405, thank ya for e response and sorrie for no reply. I'd like to study a course related to computers, perhaps computer design.
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    I have five degrees give me a buzz and i will see what I can do. Kate