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    Hello everybody.
    I am a student of American Sign Language. I was wondering if some people wouldn't mind answering a few questions for me for a class assignment? I would really appreciate the help!

    1.) Are you deaf or hard of hearing?
    2.) Were you born deaf or did you become deaf?
    3.) (If applicable) What was it like growing up deaf?
    4.) Are the majority of your friends hearing or deaf?
    5.) Do you find it hard to communicate with people on a daily basis, like in a grocery store for example?
    6.) Do people treat you differently or make you feel different because you are deaf? How so? Do you have any examples?
    7.) If there was a "cure" for deafness would you use it or stay deaf?
    8.) Are there any personal experiences, stories, or anything at all that you would like to share?

    Thank you so much for all your time and effort. I am very interesting in reading your answers. :-)

    Jess R., ASL-1 Student
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    hello meet you nice smile

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    how are you doing

    you deaf and asl.
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    Hi, Im also in CT, USA. I am a hearing male. I have been learning ASL from a deaf student of mine. It was a trade of services actually. The student was teaching me ASL, while I taught the student Self Defense/Karate. I own a martial arts business and want to learn more ASL and more about deaf culture. My student has moved onto Gallaudett Univ. Im presently teaching an 8 yr old deaf child karate. I need more practice with ASL so I'm looking for someone practise with. You can be hearing or deaf or hard of hearing. Im not a member here yet. but please contact me here if interested. Best of luck to you.

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