looking for arts music friendship? arts music friendship

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    looking for arts music friendship
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    I am looking for friends who can help me practice my signing and my singing (yeah, I know... try spelling that fast!).  Right now, I practice once a week with my church worship team (some places would call them a choir).  They sing in English, I sing in Sign, and we have a great time.  Then, on Sunday, I can sing at the church service in Sign and be comfortable knowing what the songs are going to be so I don't have to work so hard at trying to make my hands keep time with the songs.
    I love music, and as I am losing my hearing, I am finding new ways to experience it.  At my church, the music is played with electric guitar and drums, and while I can not hear the tunes of the songs, I do feel some of the vibration of the guitar on my skin, and the drum in my chest.  I use that to help me keep time when I am singing with the congregation.
    If anyone is near or in Rhode Island and would like to meet, go to church with me, or just hang out and sign or sing for a while, I would love to get in touch.  Let me know on this thread, as I do not have PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP.
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    well...im deaf myself but it may sounds silly to you ..I always wanted to be a singer. actor and even sings in sign languages..I could hear the music with my cochlear implants and i read the lips too....but im tryin to find to make it happen for my goal.. its hard..right?
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    Hi, I'm new. I'm not completely deaf, I just have trouble hearing so close to being deaf. But I love art, I've been doing art since I was 5. Now I'm in the school of my dreams, doing art. Hope to meet people just as obsessed with art as me. Haha.
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    I am a photographer. I love art, I would like to be friends!
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    Hi Mary.

    Feel free to contact me anytime.
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    Hi. I am a slightly recognized Poet/Writer.

    Enjoy your day
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    i am almost deaf and can hear a something with my hearing aid..
    i really like music, and do some scracth with 2 turntable in deafparty in denmark. i like that and have done it for few year.. it?s more impressed to play piano or something like that :-)
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    i would like to be your friend
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    On the arts front, I'm a deaf author with two thrillers published. I also had a short story included in a collection that is used for academic purposes in the English Reading Comprehension Classes at the Balti State University 'Alecu Russo' in Moldova (an ex-Russian State). Please feel free to contact me.
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    hi! i am a music teacher. i teach middle school band. i have always been interested about deaf/hoh people's experience with music. i hope we can chat sometime.. really enjoying this site.