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  • DavidSmitty2000 ( 46 / M / Hialeah, FL )

    go out to a nice quiet restauarant

  • Boldheart2001 ( 55 / M / Silver Spring, MD )

    There's nothing better than a woman who is confident but not shy, has a great smile, sense of humor, can laugh at herself, bring on stimulating conversation, loves the Lord and is who he is. I admire a woman who knows he...  read more >>

  • Guero1989 ( 28 / M / Pinole, CA )

    I would to go dinner,shopping,movie, and club. Or More

  • deaf1andyvincent ( 25 / M / Annandale, VA )

    is go to fancy dance/dinner or come my house for first date

  • JOSEPHJAMES ( 48 / M / Swindon, England - Wiltshire )

    i would like to go out to have a meal in a resturance for a a pasta / curry/ African / Chinese meals which are the best!! even though Italian meals too yummy( lasagna/ spaghetti bolognaise)

  • Freyjc2012 ( 53 / M / Holly Ridge, NC )

    Well I would spend the first date with us walking the beach & talking, then we sit for a romance dinner on the beach and watch the sunset.....Then movie together.....

  • tankpow460 ( 48 / M / Columbus, OH )

    my frist date would like meet and go out enjoy fun and out eat

  • 37Chedj ( 64 / M / Minneapolis, MN )

    Since I am a beach lover, we can take a walk on the beach as we enjoy the warm waves around our legs. We chat all we want to say as getting to know more. Cheaper this way. If we r still interested, we eat out at a sexy f...  read more >>

  • cigaravatar30 ( 39 / M / Eustis, FL )

    I would take her out to a nice decent restaurant , and we can talk about our self.. then walk to park near lake talk .. get to know eachtoher ... for the sec date i would take her out to any event that is out during the...  read more >>

  • redrose101 ( 53 / W / Conroe, TX )

    Love go out dinner. Love walk to the beach while romantic, and kisses. Happy life! Life is too short! No cussing or ego, or argue. Just enjoy beautiful life together. Gives lot of affection, love, happy, and honest to ea...  read more >>

  • boratthejosh ( 26 / M / Milton Keynes, England - Buckinghamshire )

    Fancy going dinner at anywhere. or go out to blowing or cinema or party or shopping?

  • happyheart_ ( 57 / M / Conyers, GA )

    we have a nice candlelit dinner and then get to know more about each other..

  • Charliebest ( 55 / M / London, England - London )

    Can we have a nice breakfast together at a cool spot and thereafter have a nice ride in a car across the city?

  • bradson ( 54 / M / Miami, FL )

    will love to have a nice dinner..

  • melanie69 ( 44 / W / London, England - London )

    I try find right person woman met me soon