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  • RaceCarGuy ( 41 / M / Huntsville, AL )

    I keep occupied. Maybe we can do some light shopping and grab some coffee or lunch. Weekends work best for me.

  • Funguy21 ( 52 / M / Sacramento, CA )

    How about meet for drink? Or meet somewhere in downtown or watch events show.

  • rdomi88 ( 50 / M / New York, NY )

    HONESTLY, First meet in person fir breakfast, lunch, and dinner with nicely communication acknowledge together then Go out for movie, eat any restaurant, and good times feel comfortable. Then plan good relationship for l...  read more >>

  • Eliza21 ( 33 / W / La Molina, Lima )

    anywhere travel, park, mall, shopping, etc

  • asears36 ( 24 / W / Roseville, MI )

    Talk chill get to no ech other mke out as long wit no drama

  • Poohie09 ( 26 / W / Columbus, GA )

    Going out eat or spent time for had good time...and Movie,

  • RoseFannyX4 ( 31 / W / London, England - London )

    your first date ideas here , how about we have a candlelight dinner and then take a nice walk on the beach. thank you all love kiss bye.

  • missy503 ( 58 / W / Salem, OR )

    Texas holdem card game and bet at home or friend place to have fun., camping, ride motorcycle and ATV Wheeler. Invite friends over my place to have BBQ. Go out to eat then theater.

  • Phi7Lip ( 27 / M / Saint Paul, MN )

    To go out restaurant and chatting so much to let us to getting know u and me each other is great. to get hang out with u more than 2 or 3 times a week is best.

  • nancy2556 ( 32 / W / Texarkana, TX )

    How about we have a candlelight dinner and then take a nice walk on the beach.

  • papajetti32 ( 35 / M / Washington, DC )

    Bowling Alley,The Zoo,Amusement Park,The Great Outdoors(somewhere you like to go and do something that you like doing. If you're the outdoorsy type), Aquarium,Play Tourist,Ice-Skating(Ice-skating is innocent fun)....No.1...  read more >>

  • CityLady ( 29 / W / Frederick, MD )

    my first date idea is going to involve activities: paintball, flag foot ball, racquetball, go-kart etc.. also sport, traveling. then second date is more flexiable but who is common of type what i have then it able to be...  read more >>

  • lovelive4ever ( 60 / M / Fremont, CA )

    Can we chat in coffee cafe or play pool?Lol!

  • catjavier ( 45 / W / Rochester, NY )

    Please write me email. Can you interest me new deafs, and more talk. I am good single and education. My personal is busy work.

  • DaHumbleMan ( 46 / M / Bronx, NY )

    get to know each other,hangout,movie,dinner,dance,road trips,, cookout