First Date Ideas

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  • Kumley ( 54 / M / Tucson, AZ )

    I will fill you in if we are serious about each other.

  • Jean495 ( 45 / M / Yonkers, NY )

    I would like to tour NYC and go to different resturant to taste various foods

  • irishem22216 ( 19 / W / Denver, CO )

    Paintballing, iceskating, skateboarding, tree climbing, etc. Fun childish things that get us comfortable with each other and gives us the feeling like we have known each other forever. I love bonding experiences.

  • Sunset09 ( 51 / M / Sydney, New South Wales )

    Have a drink... See how we go.... Cheers

  • cheetahqurl50 ( 26 / W / Riverview, FL )

    Hi my name monique Im hard of hearinq n sign language. Im single. Im not looking for sex n Im looking for respect love be loyalty or royalty man. get know about me i love grow up a color a only purple.i used green n blue...  read more >>

  • BeachRC33 ( 35 / M / Tampa, FL )

    I prefer romantic date that have good time

  • bradley42 ( 44 / M / Altamont, TN )

    Tell u later if we txts each other n what to do decide to something to do

  • catylayne2014 ( 21 / W / Gladewater, TX )

    I have dreams..every girl has a dream.. but mine would have to be sitting in the bed of the truck with blankets all around and just laying there looking up at the stars (if i dated them for some time). Or a picnic...with...  read more >>

  • Brandy002000 ( 36 / W / Findlay, OH )

    Have fun as go camping and anytime have good time toe happy together ...

  • HoneyBee23 ( 26 / W / Scottsboro, AL )

    Have a good time same time to get know each other

  • orangejeepguy ( 34 / M / Morganton, NC )

    Life is full of surprise!! Anything will happen as it goes depends on our interest!

  • crazygirl121988 ( 28 / W / Kansas, OK )

    We can decided make planning meet up

  • Misslovely86 ( 30 / W / Chicago, IL )

    I am open for any positive setting and event for a date. Something plain and simple is fine with me. I preferably would like a little meal involved though lol. I'm just saying.

  • ChristopherM ( 36 / M / Winchendon, MA )

    I would like to discus this with you. Since everyone is different. We can go from there.

  • Sera0786 ( 30 / W / Carencro, LA )

    My first date should take me to eat out resturant and go to mall, fun a lot the date guy pay me what I need.. show to real love.. don't let play with date guy or make me down no I'm look for right man be mature to be res...  read more >>