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asl love megan20... 368 10/08/2007
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Any Deaf Investor in Real Estate! Californi ... ALANDCIN... 309 09/06/2007
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Am I alone? lunarm... 561 04/23/2007
Not religious but love God lunarm... 263 04/20/2007
Reflecting into Sleep [poem] lunarm... 116 04/20/2007
What colour am I lunarm... 152 04/20/2007
I am a Chirstians sarahgar... 396 04/17/2007
My favorite poem Cher... 219 03/27/2007
Texan Girl countrygirlJL... 825 03/20/2007
BrookLynne is not my actual name ... BrookLyn... 227 03/18/2007
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Deaf club or communities in Indiana ?????? Harleydrag... 375 03/08/2007
Look for me? TazM... 373 02/25/2007
i wait for right lady for me around maxxs... 3 01/29/2007
HOH seek long-term relationship charmstarr20... 397 01/18/2007
Education of Deaf mtaylor... 362 01/06/2007
look for old friend Eddie from Champanville, ... lucil... 160 12/28/2006
Hello! ShadoWDe... 340 12/23/2006
want to learn how to comuicate with my 2 year ... countrycowgi... 301 12/06/2006
Hello california girls KonaBi... 303 11/11/2006
Hello........... ilu_jos... 3 11/04/2006
hi.. i really like u.. ilu_jos... 2 11/04/2006
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