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Deafness and the Law.

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Can anyone tell me if it is true that if you get stopped by a cop that you can ask for a certified interprener and the cop has to get one? Also if you dont know sign lanquage do they have to get you an certified lip reader to talk to you? Thank you for any help with this.
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1 year ago
It's different here in Canada. We are not anywhere near the same as ADA however in our city, we are working hard with the 911 system to dispatch an interpreter to hospitals, prisons or other institutions when you are brought to those places.
Like all the others here, yes, use paper and pen! Unless you are planning to end up in prison and that will allow you to get an interpreter - which I'm pretty sure you do not want to do. :)
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It is an ADA Law,they have to provide you an intrpreter for free,there is no charge to the Deaf or Hard of Hearing individual.They can not say no.If they do ,then you could take them to court with no questions ask.

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It's a Federal Law to have a deaf interputer before u get arrested for any crime, and that's no excuse for a cop don't have much time to get one provided to u. IT'S THE FEDERAL LAW!
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Ok, cool. I will try to ask for interpreter next time, to see if they really let me go. If not, if the cops are smarter enough to write down.
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Thank you for responding Beauty Nature. But that is kind of a good thing. If they have to wait for someone they might just let you go. I have always done what you do, have them write things down for me.
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If you get pulled over by a cop from traffic, no. They don't have time to wait for interpreter, however, you and the cops can communicate by writing each other. That's how they do that with me.

If you disturb people or disturbed from people, no time to get interpreter either, write piece of papers. Simple.

No time to have interpreter or lip reader. Cops don't have the time and so does others. Write piece of papers, simple.