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Is anyone out there?

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I've always had trouble hearing as a kid. My parents always just assumed it was me being a stubborn kid and not wanting to listen. As everyone noticed the TV getting louder and louder and "what?" being incorporated more and more into my daily life the subject was one to look at. It turns out I'm just a little hard of hearing. To aid that my ear drums didn't want to corporate and blew about every 6 months ago depleting my hearing a little more each time. Now I get to sport lovely hearing aids while trying to learn ASL before I descend into the unknown world of being deaf. I know it's not that big of a deal and no offense to anyone that reads this but I'm worried about what my life will become... With work... Friends.... Even what I'm going to do with my schooling or what happens after school. To add to everything no one in my family is hard or hearing or deaf so I'm going through this alone and no one really grasps what it's like to wake up every morning to a turned down world. Does anyone have any advice for everyday life or even learning ASL. So far I've mastered "I'm learning to sign slowly" and about ten phrases and words. Bit of a champ if I do say so myself.

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I was in the same boat, everyone always thought i was acting out or rebelling....a tern I have used "Selective Hearing". 

Most cases, those that did like me or cared, would be patience. However, there were those that would get fustrated, and take it out on me no matter what. 

So I understand where you are coming from, and its nice ot know there are others like me. 




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I just realized, recently, that I would like to meet more people who 'get me' as a hard-of-hearing person.  Many people are impatient and insensitive and I've been working on NOT letting it make me angry.  First off - it has to be someone I'm interesting in hearing (usually not) and secondly they have to be saying something important to me (usually not).  I wear two hearing aids but live in DC where the noise is outrageous (sirens, sirens, and more sirens all the time).  My last hearing test revealed that it is a little worse (surprise, surprise)!  Anyway, I am new to the site and hope some good things will come from it - especially some good people.


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1 year ago

I agree.  Real frustrating.  You cannot contact the person after clicking on "wink" etc.

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Reading your post was like breathing in sweet air... someone else who "gets it."  I also grew up with a hearing loss, but had parents who were told that I was "pretending."  (Just because I could hear the so-called hearing tests in schools?  Umm... hello... you can see the school nurse when she presses the button on the machine.  She doesn't care if you see her or not.  She just has to get through all 500 or 600 kids at the school and then head to the next building to tests some more.

I was never allowed to use sign as a kid.  I was very happy when I got to college age and ASL was offered at my school.  I signed up immediately and it opened a door I never want to shut again.  Now my challenge, like yours, is to meet people who are willing to sign with me and help me learn this language that I was denied for too long.

I am in southern Rhode Island, and it seems like there is no one who signs, or is willing to sign.

I also worried about how it would affect my work when I go deaf, but for now I can cope, so I will face it when it comes.  At one job I do wear a pin with the international symbol for hearing loss to remind folks that I am not ignoring them.  Most folks have been very good at making sure I am looking at them when they speak to me, and coworkers have been extremely good to me in giving me cues when someone is speaking to me and I am missing it, either directing my attention, or telling me what I missed.  I think it is harder for other people when they interact with me, because I am fluent in English and am told that I do not have any vocal issues that would make one think that I can not hear, so people assume I am catching more than I am when I speak, and do not want to learn or use sign with me.  I am hoping that being in this community with others who understand, I might meet some friends who can help me improve my signing, and talk to my eyes, because my ears are tired.

My name is Devon, and I hope to make a lot of friends.

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1 year ago

Hey there, my name is Siouxzie. I've been deaf for 8 years. I didn't go through a depleting hearing loss, mine went all at once, due to an accident. I knew about deaf people but never knew anyone until the past year. I have found that, given the alternative, I like my side of the fence better. I miss music and my kid's voices and a few other things but all in all, I'm a much happier person today than I was when I was hearing. But that didn't happen all at once. I studied human behavior, when I got my butt outta bed. A friend of mine told me that words were only 7% of conversation. I thought that since I wasn't getting that, I better figure out what the other 93% was about. I studied body language and lip reading. Like you, my family and friends are all hearing.

I ventured into this site because I was tired of getting my heart broken by hearing men. I had many problems dating. I met a great man here. He taught school. So his ASL wasn't just good, it was extraordinary. I had never even seen another person sign before. He was also incredibly inspirational. He took his time with me, explained things to me and opened up the curtain and let the light in, so to speak. Unfortunately, that didn't work out for me.

I learned finger lettering first and then worked to words. It was a great deal of fun. I wanted to get really good but then I had no one to practice with. My heart is still in recovery but I'm ready to try again.

So, in answer to your question, yes, there is somebody out here that gets you. ;)

If you'd like to chat further, I'd be more than happy to share what limited knowledge I have.