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Come On Deafies, "Please Hear My Story Very Important"

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Ohhhh my God, my God you will feel disbelief and maybe a little freak out of ordered.Wow!.... Let me tell you every details consequenced that's going on here.. Ohhhhh... Please pay attention what's going on with me.. I am serious business I am really deaf, I am looking for a man who has job with suit and tie issue here and looking for a commitment.. I mostly delated of some guy if I didn't like it.. Ohhh be please believe me.. I just found a guy that look excalty like
Actor movie star by Maxwell Cudfield " Grease2 " he is tooo much handsome for me to be with a guy like that. He also has his body muscle he post everywhere doesn't look excality where he has been. At once he told me he just recently flew to West African before I met him on dating site. He send me his Calif Driver License and passport. And I campared does not exits to look simular he said to me " I fall in love with you, And I have been thinking about you so much 24 hours" you know " blah Blah Blah thing every hearie every man". He just found out that I have been told " I am deaf" and he said " Are you kidding me? I said, " I'm no kidding you".. You haven't read my whole profiles in my sire and getting to know more information is right there. becuz I'm DEAF?" I said " Have you consideration reading on my profile and read it what is all about issue here",? After that, he has turned me down becuz I am deaf also on " Yahoo messag" One night we chat online at Yahoo Messager about very sexy conversation. It likes a" Porn Sex Text itself". He said " My late wife say I'm sexy machine". So what was happened the next day? He was playing games or pretent to be something else " To be sorry for" And was saying He said himself He lost his Wallet and said, " There is no where to be found". And he telling me that he was asking me to loan him
some money "Fund" he keep saying , " Do you really love me and my daughter? Do you Care for us"? However; he keeps repeatedely same words.. He is a little bit force me to use my credit card or send via money transfer wire money
so that he could play game with " Love wire a Money" so he could feed his daughter. I ask him about his family or friends whereabou in California. so they could helping him with a fund issue. but he couldn't say such thing but he did expected me to do everything and he keep pointing at me and expecting no one else. He asked me for wire a money and he tried to scam me with money and everything so he can dumped me anyway... One little thing, I am trying gave him one little thing that people with a low income that couldn't help outside of USA. What did he do to me? He said " Good Night and Sign me OFF"
I feel like " I am in love with Scammer"... oh please don't do that...
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WARNING!! The promise of love and request for money are mutually exclusive. Use your intuition and your intellect. Report any requests for money or other valuables to A good Federal Criminal Case could be made if it can be proven that someone used the internet to perpetrate a fraud or other criminal act.
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That is crazy! be careful next time girl and dont let scum like him get you down, find yourself a real good man that you deserve! * smile*
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Oh yeah, I must be very careful whom do I " TRUST"... I am having a very hard time to trust Dating Site. It doesn't matter if hearing or deaf.
For example; if they ask me for exchange of photograph,
and I send what's mine. I would send all of mine, and the guy send me a photo of him (3) and I noticed proof reading that facts to closure of what doesn't not look simular . They Are anonymous Scam Model photograph does not look like him or her. I know why? They would not give out any real personal identification or photography any description for themselves. I've stopped talking to the persons and ignored their Monkey Business with them for purposes reason. I have to be more carefully out there and tried to avoiding if they Ask for SEX PERSONAL, MONEY GRAM and Maybe Anonymous PHOTO Scam. Keep away from them.. All I have to do is " Block This Person" if they tried to scam me with this information. Just becareful , if you are expectancy on a Dating Site just becareful do whom do you feel confindence with any persons. ..
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Oh yeah, been there, done that a lot! You are not the only one. Anyone from Western Africa is something to watch out for! That area is full of scammers! (Nigeria area!) Please be careful with all of you guys! I have been there so many of them, and I have spotted each of them. I just ignored them, and it works!

If you send any money, and if they walk away, report to police, then the police will give you numbers to contact FBI, then FBI will investigate if you have ANY documents! It is very important to all of you to keep the documents! I am not kidding you. (Documents as such as Western Union, emails, phone converstations, chat conversations, mails, bank, credit cards receipts, etc)

You are a very lucky not to send any money to that person! Never ever trust a person in a short period of time. Please be careful to all of you, men and women!