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Posted on Aug 19, 2008 at 02:45 AM Total posts: 9

It is dying a slow and painful death. ... You know when you start a small business project you cross your fingers and hope. You breath passion and the purity of your soul into it and you hope some more. But as time goes by you realize it just won't cut it. You are merely a drop in the proberbial coffee pot. The idea is amazing. The coffee is superb. It is all so so so cool. To make it even better it was your idea...your brainwave...your desire to share your love of coffee....but and there the but comes in....You realize that branding is going to take millions of dollars to get it out in the wide world. To make sure people know about it is going to take some super human catastrophe. So it hides on the internet amidst many others...waiting to be discovered Ozecoffe becomes another failure. It would seem to be one of many along the path of life. Or put another way it is a failure on the path of success......does that make me less a person for trying and failing..... So I sit here with my ideas flowing around me...I seem to be ratting around in my own mind.... Am I a lost soul? Or just one of many trying to find their place....making journeys to the edge and back...with the fire of hope not quite burnt out.... Drink up my friends and toast the dying embers of a great coffee....

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