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just wondering

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Where is that soulmate of mine...I stumble and feel that I should stop and accept my alone is a big world and I forever feel lost....I have always been alone in a hearing world...not quite fitting in a deaf world either.

I wonder where this strange journey of life will lead....across oceans and through the emotional jungle of a place where I stand by myself on the shore waiting for the tide to journey me alon g a new path....may it be love or friendship or endless companionship across the passage of time.....
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I'm deaf in my right ear, and partially deaf in the left. However, I can hear with a hearing-aid. So I understand how it feels to not fit in either world completely.

I also write poetry, and have always wanted to perform spoken word. I haven't written in years (don't ask why?) You have inspired me to pick up my pen and pad and return to my firsr true love. Thanks.


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I really like your blogs. Very creative. It lloks like you enjoying do your bloggings.
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butterflies....butterflies....the white ones dither....not entirely certain as to their meaning....they flutter .... lost in the wonders of nature's artistry....the monarch too gets lost but knows its colours are only rivaled by the rainbow that arches through our lives....

who knows where the soul takes flight upon a breath of a lover's kiss and a heart beats rhythm.....noone really knows the journey...where it will come and how vast it will travel....