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Very Different..I'm I Wrong? (1)

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I'm Short...


kind and sweet.

There's none of me.

I speak very proper,

smart and sweet.

There's still none of me.

I look for light...

white, mix, and tan

a guy that talls 20 times taller than me...

I dont see that I'm wrong,

but there's not any like me.

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I am into your shose.. It is hard to find one or two possbilties date out or know better,,,  in fact, I member of this for 3 years. None of them are intersting me.. due my image , age .  

Please belive me , There are lot of scammers who use fake profile or photos.  Often, report to to remove those fake profile or photos.

I just learn one thing lot of scammers use Yahoo because. it has free scans from Africa languauge to English.  often, don't use into this blogs.

How to protection yourself from scams ?   There is few ways to study thier picture can tell you more than written on profile,,,  for example.... Lot of scammers said  "Clothies desginers "  or Saleswoman ...  I dont belive that because of lot of deaf woman don't work for this kind of challage work.

just use your common sense.  


have a great day !


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1 year ago

Beautiful poetry!  Lonniie, don't quit, your prince awaits!

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