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Statistics, administration and organization:
Any MD must report any sexual transmitted disease but does not report the disabilities of the blind, deaf, disabled or elderly. If we had such statistics you would find out that only less than 10% of the blind have absolutely NO vision and that only less than 10% of the deaf have absolutely NO hearing.
Please realize that most blind can hear and that most deaf can see. Only with that knowledge you can automatically organize us nation wide and provide for our needs without discrimination against the vast majority and as now only provide for the few cronies that cater to their everlasting often self appointed administrations and self interests. There should be a term limit of 2 years for those administrations in government and private charities to provide fairness for all disabled. The powerful National Federation of the blind claims a membership of at least 50,000 blind persons Nation wide, but Hawaii has a membership of only about 30, not even blind members. As blind members we must pay at least $45.- for a simple meal at conventions. We are not allowed to listen to what concerns us, if we bring our own 99 cent McDouble as our meal.
With those facts we must realize that Braille and American Sign languages are self limiting and a detriment to their education, communication and social life. They limit themselves to only communicate in their own peer group of equals.
Even our Video Relay Service providers are subsidized with about $7.- per minute from the FCC and tax payers. The new Web Captel Services have an excellent voice recognition service that needs little or no voice training at all. Out of self interest the VRS does not let us use it for two sided voice captions or dictating letters for our own needs, like this letter. It would be so useful to us blind and handicapped to replace difficult typing. Since their communication program is government subsidized, make it available to the people to overcome their disabilities. This alone would advance our disabled students and workers in job placements, study and work instead of spending the proposed millions of dollars for deaf centers or blind facilities that benefit the developers, but not the blind, deaf or disabled here in Hawaii.
The chairman Martin of the FCC promised needy deaf blind free high speed internet services for better person to person video, phone and internet communication, but our legislators dropped the ball.
We need selfless Charities and Organizations that support laws to abandon the mandatory expensive medical examinations to buy used hearing aids or glasses. Now all such collected equipment by our Lions and other Organizations are shipped to our future enemies in foreign countries, the same as the distributed $100.- laptops we could really use here at home for OUR OWN disabled and children. We must stop the medical fraud by supply companies, that constantly advertize the FREE METER on TV with big charges to Medicare for the FREE meter and about $1.- for each test strip that should only cost pennies. The same as the FREE erection pumps that are regularly advertised 2 for about $130.-, electric and manual for any young men, but Medicare is defrauded with over $500.- and co payment!
Now we support handicapped dealers and blind vendors to make big money on expensive equipment and as vendors at airports but pay only minimum wages to blind employees.
Look at the Ho'opono trained blind vendors who sued the Hawaii State for millions of Dollars under the Randolph Sheppard Act. Fortunately they lost. Would the average blind have benefited anything at all, or only the selected few???
We must make our laws fair and honest for Every one. I can show you true evidence how one very prejudice older female judge with the help of other judges in cahoots, to benefited her attorney friends in several documented cases with big fees, only because I owned a rental property, to defend without ANY HELP for the elderly certified deaf blind. We need fair legal help for the blind and disabled, but not from our charity supported greedy attorneys at the “Legal Aid Society!” Landlords prefer to keep their units empty instead of paying in unfair courts. Unfair judges do not only hurt our economy with lost income taxes but also our jobless and homeless. Injustice to one, is injustice to all of us. Such corruption started unrest and revolutions in the old and new World. Pinkhawaii at

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