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Musings on Starting Over

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Retired a few months ago, I started a book on what to do next.

Some of the topics are: photograph old Victorian houses, travel by car looking for interesting scenes, browsing in strange old shops, meeting new Deaf people, trying some painting and bringing home pictures to mess around with in my studio.

Does this sound like an old lady to you? If you are an old man who loves museums and travel, you'd understand. Having dinner in out-of-the-way restaurants by the lake, chatting about old times and old friends, and sharing interests is my idea of a great evening.
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I think you are great. I am hard of hearing and decided to give this site a try from the normal hearing site. I much prefer people who are deaf or hard of hearing as they are much nicer people. We are genuinely intersted in what people have to say and pay attention more so than hearing people. Every deaf/hard of hearing person I meet is sincere. Isn't it great that we can talk about ourselves and understand each other because of our hidden disability.

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1 year ago
aww.. if only I was in my 60's and a male, I would def take you out. haha :)
You sounds like a sweet woman, you deserve someone. I don't know if this dating site will help but.. in the meantime, you should just go out.. go to deaf events.. clubs?
Isn't it hard to meet deaf guys hmm?