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Looking for Friends that are Deak or Passionate about ASL

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Hi Everyone my name is Christina. Im 21 years old and i live in Hollywood, CA. One thing i would love to share about myself is that I LOVE the deaf community. They are such beautiful people and the language, i adore so much! I simply fell inlove with the language. I am a college student and am taking American Sign Language classes. Im going to major in Deaf Studies (a.k.a Interpreting). Im actually in ASL 1 right now which makes me a beginner. But, i know that im capable of communicating with a deaf person. My ex is actually hard of hearing and has taught me a bit of the language. Im so excited to learn it! I would love to meet and make new friends who are Deaf or even hearing people who share the same interest in sign language as me! I hope i get a response. I just love meeting new people! =D

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Hey I share the same interest as you :) I'm actually looking for a friend who could help me learn ASL. I want to major in the same thing. I'm trying to go to school for it in january.
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Should meet new people in alaska
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Hey , let's chat IM