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The time for love is now fast disappearing mds1253 168 06/16
Evangelical Ministry for the Deaf richie2008 148 06/12
Day one rsay32 137 06/03
Spring! swm1955 195 04/23
Let's Chat Toollateralis 492 04/19
Spring! swm1955 122 04/15
hey! brownskin8 271 03/14
Fossil Prydythe 162 02/24
January /08 ...already. swm1955 195 01/31
Palm Beach Fl. lady 58 looking for Gent 58 ... removed_CarmenMartinez 288 01/06
Hello, iam new here and from sweden. KaRRoBoBBe 315 01/06
G'day from Australia scruffyjake 233 10/31
Who's not fishing? Nesmuth 160 10/16
joke---spoon in a restaurant^^ megan2008 351 10/10
asl love megan2008 359 10/08
Chinese deaf girls seek European or the Australian ... anny5634 578 10/02
Any Deaf Investor in Real Estate! Californi ... ALANDCINDY 309 09/06
hello... ilu_joshi 4 08/12
Late Deaf N.C guy seeking Female twinsfan2000 389 06/14
Am I alone? lunarman 557 04/23
Not religious but love God lunarman 262 04/20
Reflecting into Sleep [poem] lunarman 115 04/20
What colour am I lunarman 152 04/20
I am a Chirstians sarahgarza 395 04/17
Seaching for the right perfect match deaf/hoh ... removed_rockyboy 236 04/16
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